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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
22 December 2009 @ 04:18 pm
If you're on facebook you must be bored to death of this already -and I really do sympathise- but I'm just mopping up anyone who might not have had a chance to watch yet. Here is the Dons pilot.

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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
11 August 2009 @ 12:43 pm
This is the umpteenth time I've had to ask this question, and I promise that this time I'm just going to save the damn number in my phone, but... please can someone give me the mobile number of lovely Bill and his lovely van?

(It's not for me this time... small mercies).
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
Enjoyed Black Plastic on Saturday; I recognised practically nothing of Jo's set, but the stuff with guitars sounded like early Spandau and the stuff without guitars sounded like early Human League. Is that Italo disco? Anyway, it takes a true pop scholar to realise that Couples and 'The Perfect Kiss' piss all over Someone to Drive You Home and 'Blue Monday', so well done there. By the end of the night everyone was too pissed to care about being cool and it turned into a great big old-fashioned 80s disco, which was great. Early sign of gentrification in "cool" Dalston- while we were standing in a desolate landscape, waiting for an obscure nightbus off Kingsland Road, a man walked past in full evening dress carrying a great big teddy bear.

In lieu of having a life for the moment -and inspired by the excellent music writing by M. Devereux at Radio Nixon- I've set up a new blog where I can indulge my cinema geekery to the max. Unlikely to be most people's thing, but it's a week old and had less hits than Whitetown so far, so I may as well draw your attention to it: ritualsanddreams.wordpress.com.
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
Anyone fancy seeing 2001 at the NFT, 5:30 on Saturday? Not my all-time favourite film, but I always supsected it would look and sound really, really good on a f*ck off-gigantic cinema screen, and now's my chance to find out.
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
14 July 2009 @ 09:50 pm
At work today it was my turn to go out on relief, and I had to go to the first of our libraries to have gone "self-service" (our turn early 2010). The counter is 25% the size it used to be, there are only two staff computers so it's almost impossible to do any work if there are customers around, and if you so much as turn around you collide into a colleague.

I had a look at the self-service machines. It says at the top, 'PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR LIBRARY EXPERIENCE'. On the screen, there is a cartoon of a PC monitor wearing an Indy Jones hat and a leopardskin sash, with the caption 'SAFARI'. To its right, a cartoon of a PC monitor wearing goggles and flippers, with the caption 'DEEP SEA'.

The more I see of this world in which we "live", the more convinced I become that I was meant to have been gunned down by the Jerries in the Somme, except that I was born 80 years late due to a clerical error.
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
10 June 2009 @ 09:07 pm
The past fortnight I've been doing jury service in Zone 4. Don't go out way that often. It's Snaresbrook Court, just on the edge of Epping Forest. Very nice old building (on the outside), it looks like the hospital from The Prisoner. According to wikipedia it was originally an orphanage built by King Leopold of Belgium. My bus goes past this horrific great horseshoe-shaped monstrosity after Leytonstone High St, called the Green Man Roundabout- all cracked concrete, tall weeds and incomprehensible multiple lanes. Beyond that it's very cosy suburbia and fairly nice. Overheard on the bus today:

"Look at that! Would you look at that pound coin the driver gave me!"
"It's got a leek on it!"
"A leek and a dragon!"
"Well you know what I always say? I'm NOT British, I'm English."
"Brilliant! Absolutely right!"
"I'm NOT British! I'm English!"
"Absolutely right! And how unfortunate for you too! How unfortunate we are!"
"Hated by the Welsh."
"HATED by the Scottish."
"Hated by the Irish!"
"A leek and a dragon!"
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
08 June 2009 @ 07:37 pm
This is a truly terrible thing, but it'll keep me off the streets for a night or two.

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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
31 May 2009 @ 01:38 am
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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
29 April 2009 @ 04:09 pm
"Marseille is my kind of town; intolerant, fractious and right wing." - Luke Haines

This was a good trip. Marseille is not that touristy and after a few holidays in cities where tourists by far outnumber locals, like Venice and Florence, it was good to get away from that and see a town where people are doing their own thing without much regard for you. Unlike Paris, you do get opportunities to have conversations in French. It's very urban but it's a seaside town too; a bit like Brighton crossed with Soho. Like Brighton, it has a faded and crumbling feel which I like. Window shutters with the paint peeled off. The streets are permeated with a slightly seedy, den-of-iniquity feel and it's impressive, but too edgy to be a chocolate box destination. In a phone box right in the middle of the most touristy area, I saw grafitti that roughly translated as 'What do we need to get through the recession? What do we need to get well-being? LA VIOLENCE'. Photos on facebook, for what it's worth.

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Jamie Assou-Ekotto
Back in the day, Dirk Bogarde refused on principle to do anything for television; "I'm not having my audience get up to have a piss or put the kettle on while I'm hard at work". I'm not really au fait with The Great American TV Series of the past decade (The Wire, Sopranos et al), but unless you live in a bubble, even the most ardent cinephile would have to concede that these shows are where it's at right now. I was a fan of Six Feet Under at the time but the little I saw of Desperate Housewives and Nip/Tuck were enough to put me off.

Recently however I've been watching series 1 of Mad Men. "You would like it," Mr Sarll told me, "because all the characters are very dapper and filled with repressed longing for each other". Sounds about right, I thought. It's a drama about advertising on the cusp of the 1960s- the ultra-competitive world of the admen, the clients they have to please, the scheming secretaries whom they screw in hotel rooms, the wives raising their kids in big commuter belt detached houses. It's a chauvinistic and hierarchical world, depicted in a noirish way but with the lushest palette of colours.

What makes it compulsive is the way the approaching 60s subtly, almost imperceptibly manage to filtrate into their world. At first glance it's a world where men are men and mom is leaving a hot apple pie on the windowsill, but the closer you zoom in the more cracks are visible. The advertisers are thrown into panic by the confirmation that cigarettes cause cancer; the secretaries look for broad-minded GPs who will put them on the Pill. The suburban wives are replused (and a little frightened) by the existence of a single mother in their neighbourhood. In the last episode I watched, dynamic alpha hero Don Draper was dragged to a beatnik poetry club and found himself an object of derision. Half a dozen episodes in, it feels like the social changes started out a mere speck on the lens and will get closer and bigger until there's some great collision. Fascinating stuff.
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